Tower Mart
The Tower
Aliases T-Mart
Origin The Tower

Tower Mart is a chain of gas station/convenient store hybrids littered across the coast of California. Two very special Tower Mart locations are snugly nestled into Lakeport's heavy traffic areas. Mexican and Indians are frequent customers; government provided booze doesn't come out of thin air! If you're in need of BioPure, Seagram's Vodka, a nice refreshing Icee, or a total that doesn't exactly mesh with your receipt, Tower Mart is second to none. Quite literally second to none; you get your supplies here, K-Mart, or you're driving to the nearest town.

Role as a secret facility Edit

A list of codes was leaked in 2014. They're assumed to be contact addresses for neighboring stations disguised as item codes. Cryptographers have failed in deciphering the code, yet strongly believe "Pear" to be an emergency code. A fail safe.

  • Small Ice Bag 100
  • Large Ice Bag 200
  • Small Icee 16oz 106
  • Medium Icee 24oz 107
  • Large Icee 32oz 108
  • Super Lotto 59
  • Mega Millions 71
  • Power Ball 49
  • Fantasy 5 60
  • Daily 3 61
  • Daily 4 62
  • Daily Derby 63
  • Hot Spot 64-70
  • Pear 620

†Penciled in. Perhaps not an official code.

Pennywise in Lakeport?Edit


Photo credit [REDACTED]-02-420

Within the past two years, several Lakeport denizens have reported Pennywise sightings in the vicinity of Tower Mart. Consistently, however, the FBI was accused of securing these sites, recovering all the material therefrom, keeping locals away, and returning the recovered blood (and balloons) to a local facility under extremely tight security for further processing and later exploitation. Very little information has been provided to the public regarding the incident, however a single document was declassified.
"The following information was furnished to SA [REDACTED]

    An investigator for the Air Force stated that three so-called colored 
balloons had been recovered in Lakeport. They were described as being circular 
in shape with raised centers, approximately 1 foot in diameter. Each one was 
occupied by three cups of human blood.

    According to Mr _____ informant, the balloons were found in Lakeport due 
to the fact that the Government has a very high quantity of fearful children, 
an apparent result of a looming cloud of low self esteem originating [REDACTED]."

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