That's not a smile, that's ice cold determination.

Aliases Ice Queen

The Iron Giant Scatman

Origin Icetomb in Antarctica

Ryan is an emotionless and heartless Lakeport Legend. His body temperature is said to be that of absolute zero. Although his birth certificate states that he was born in Lakeport California, many believe that Ryan arrived here on the coldest of comets millennia ago. Ryan is one of the most powerful and dangerous of the Lakeport Legends; he can't be bargained with, can't be reasoned with, he doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And he absolutely will not stop, ever, until the Earth is covered in ice.

Ryan Didn't Cry Edit


How can you not cry!?

The Ice Queen earned his reputation as one of the coldest men on the planet while playing Final Fantasy X with his friends, Shirt Charles and Shirt James. During the iconic scene where Tidus begins to fade away and Yuna phases through him (see the Great Clunkers Phasing of 2013) in an attempt to hug him, Ryan DOESN'T cry. If you need only one measure to understand how cold the man truly is, look no further than that incident.

Skateboard Legend Edit


The craftsmanship of Ryan's "Ice Boards" was second to none.

In addition to his coldness and heartlessness, Ryan was a legendary skateboarder the likes of which the world hadn't seen since Chad Muska roamed the land with his boombox. On any given day, when Ryan wasn't busy NOT crying over Final Fantasy X, he could be seen thrashing around on the streets of Lakeport. His skills with the board were so good that the ordinary commercial board couldn't contain Ryan, and he had to resort to making his own. He called these "Ice Boards", and their quality and build was second to none.

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