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Unknown Brown Youth admiring Clunker's BioCorey PC case. (Clunkers seated on right)

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Clunkers posing alongside Asian Guy with the new Antec case

Early 2014, (estimation 01/27/2014) Clunkers attended California's most popular LAN gathering: LANFest. Filled to the brim with fellow gamers and LAN babes, Clunkers nestled in into his own little corner of paradise. Rocking away on his guitar and showing off his piece of Lakeport history, BioCorey's Old PC case, Clunker's garnered attention of LANFest regulars like Sharknado Beard Man, Unknown Brown Youth, and Asian Guy.

LANFest upgrades YOU Edit

Clunker's BioCorey PC case left a huge impact on Antec officials. Enough so that they presented Clunkers with a brand new case for his much cleaner and recent PC backbone. Rev up those Pokemon emulators, this baby won't overheat!

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