Devin getting ready for work.

Aliases Bone Smuggler

Crafty Butcher Chi Chi Man

Origin Anal Intercourse
Producing Movies

Applying Makeup Being Hetero

Devin is the most fabulous and super of all the Lakeport Legends! Born in a gay bath house in the 80's, he is most well known for his Hollywood connections, fantastic movie and TV recommendations, and of course, his sense of STYLE. Whether simply sashaying down Main Street or on the set of yet another triple A blockbuster production, Devin can always be expected to be sporting the latest in "men's" fashion. If you happen to bump into the highly sociable legend, be sure to say hi, he's always curious to meet someone new.

Rumors of Sexuality Edit


Devin just hanging out with one of the guys.

Due to his tremendous sense of fashion and him never being seen in public with a woman, many in the media have led to speculation that he is gay. As Devin has said over and over again, this is simply NOT TRUE. Just because you enjoy purses and makeup and may have been caught in public kissing another man doesn't mean anything; Devin is simply confident enough in his heterosexuality to express himself.

Hollywood Legend Edit


Birth of a cinematic legacy.

Devin is one of the most powerful and influential men in Hollywood, amongst peers such as Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino. Although he's known for serving as a consultant on high profile movies such as Brokeback Mountain, Devin's greatest and most beloved work is hands down Flyin' Ryan!. As a child Devin had a nightmare in which his friend Ryan (this was before he became an evil ice demigod) was being bullied by a bunch of mean skateboarding boys, and thought how great it would be if he had a magical pair of sparkly shoes that would let him escape reality and just be himself; and thus the greatest movie plot in the history of cinema was born


King of Culture Edit


Example: Photo Realistic CGI

Having such a sense of style and such knowledge of the movie industry makes Devin one of the premiere resources of media criticism and ratings. While usually focusing on recommendations of serial TV dramas, occasionally a movie will strike Devin as so fantastically fabulous that he awards it a place on his greatest works of all time list. One such movie rules at the top of that list by a distant margin, and of course, that movie is the historical landmark masterpiece, The Langoliers. From Mr. Toomy to Burrell to the outstanding special effects, Devin recommends this work of art immediately to every new person he meets.

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