Her beauty is renowned across Lakeport

Aliases BIG
Origin The Internet
Seducing BC

BioInternetGirlfriend, AKA BIG, is the woman who stole the heart of BioCorey. Their picturesque romance started when they met on the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI; during a linkshell raid with BioMom. From there, their relationship blossomed to include other such interest, like Final Fantasy XIV. BioCorey is so attached to the beauty known as BIG that he can not be away from her for even a second, constantly interrupting the play dates The Journalist takes him on to text whatever sweet nothings the couple shares (probably BioSexting :) ).

Questions of authenticity. Edit

Some Lakeport residents, most likely the henchmen of Windexman, have cast doubts on the validity of BIGs claims, or whether "she" really exists at all. BioCorey's counter argument lays waste to their doubts. "Of course a young hot girl spends all her waking moments playing in a make believe world, infatuated with a grown man that lives in his own waste!" Well said BC, well said.

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